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Tourist guides are an area where smartphone apps ought to do really well. Books provide a lot of information, but can be difficult to navigate, and for larger cities can be quite large to carry around. Nowadays a lot of people will already be using their smartphone to get a map of the city (made all the more useful by GPS), so it makes sense to enhance this with information about where to go and what to see.

Unfortunately, people seem to be unwilling to pay for this kind of content. A good printed guide might sell for $20 or more, but an app trying to charge that kind of money would probably be dismissed as unbelievably expensive. As a result, the market is packed with free apps that either have little content, or are only interested in promoting the interests of the companies that sponsor them.

TripAdvisor’s city guide apps manage to avoid a lot of this problem, providing extremely useful free guides by making use of the company’s vast database of user-generated content. I tried out the New York City guide on a recent trip, and I was impressed. The reviews and ratings from the TripAdvisor site are combined with a small amount of editorial input to produce suggested itineraries that guide you round the city. The app is well designed and laid out, with links between the site information pages and useful details like transport links and nearest ATMs. One important benefit is that it’s all usable offline, which is a must-have feature for people who don’t have data access when travelling abroad.


New York City Guide 2


The reliance on user-generated content has its downsides. Reviews by non-expert users vary in quality and you have to use your judgement about which to trust. Restaurants in particular are not well categorised, so you’ll find the high-end establishments jumbled in with more everyday fare, making it hard to know what you’re going to get.

The app is free, so if you’re travelling to New York City (or any of the other cities for which TripAdvisor produces an app) then you should definitely give this a try. It’s the best city guidebook app I know of.

FunBridge (card game)


When I talked about Omar Sharif Bridge V+ a while ago I wasn’t entirely happy with it, but I felt it was pretty much the only game in town for playing bridge on Android. I’m not sure if that was true at the time, but it’s definitely no longer the case. Fun Bridge is a new way of playing this complex and subtle card game.

Those of you who don’t know anything about bridge already, you should be warned that you’ll need to learn a lot about the game before you can enjoy using this app. It’s perfectly intuitive if you already know the rules, but it makes no effort to teach you if you don’t already know how to play, which is probably a good call: whole books have been written on introducing bridge.

Despite the name, Fun Bridge is best suited to relatively serious players. Though you don’t play live against human opponents, it uses duplicate scoring in which the outcome of every hand is compared against other people playing with the exact same set of cards, so it’s highly competitive. You can play individual games or enter tournaments to establish your rank within the (apparently quite large) Fun Bridge player community. I’m not a particularly strong player, so I can’t vouch for the general standard of players, but you are clearly up against some fairly good players. I’m also not well qualified to judge the strength of the AI players, though I get the impression that stronger players will find the AI frustrating at times.

The app itself is very nicely designed, with smooth animations and high resolution graphics that make good use of the phone screen. One complaint is that it’s only playable when connected to the internet, and it’s very sensitive to temporary loss of connection. You would hope that a turn-based card game would be able to cope with losing the internet connection for a few seconds, but this isn’t the case. Also, once you have lost the connection you need to log in again, and although you can pick up the game where you left off it’s not very graceful. Gameplay can also be annoyingly slow at times: I don’t know if this is also due to network problems, but it can sometimes lead to 5-10 second delays waiting for an opponent to play a card.




One interesting point to note is the way the app is charged. You don’t pay anything to start using it and get your first 100 deals for free, but after that you have to pay for each deal you play, in blocks of 100. I think it’s reasonably priced, and that the price is well justified by the quality of the app, but there are some people who will be annoyed with a game that requires continual payment.

I’m very happy with this app, and have spent hours playing with it over the last few weeks. There is definitely some room for improvement, but this is overall a quality app.


Since version 6.9, Google Maps for Android has offered the ability to download a map to store offline. This is great when you’re travelling to foreign countries where you have heavy roaming data charges. Unfortunately, copyright restrictions mean that map downloads aren’t available in all countries. One country that doesn’t allow you to download maps is Bosnia & Herzegovina. When I visited recently, I looked to see what alternatives were available on the Android market.

The Bosnian map provided by Place Stars seemed like an obvious choice. It’s not free but it’s very reasonably priced, and offers detailed offline maps of the whole country. As a bonus it has some basic tourist information and points of interest, though most of this seems to be taken from Wikipedia.

The mapping isn’t bad, and you can navigate round it much as you would Google Maps (though you can only zoom to set levels rather than the arbitrary zoom offered by Google Maps). It integrates GPS to give your location (which doesn’t incur any roaming costs). The map data seemed perfectly accurate for the most part, although it did mark one highway as existing even though (as it turned out) it was still under construction.

My major gripe with this app is that the labels on the map aren’t displayed well. All the text is far too small, and it doesn’t make sensible choices about which labels should be most prominent so it’s often hard to find familiar landmarks on the map. As an example, the first thing I tried to do with the map was to locate Sarajevo. You would expect the capital city to be trivial to find, but I had to zoom in almost to street level before I saw a label with the name of the city on it, and even then it was a similar size to lots of other less important names.

Overall this is still a useful app, and well worth the money if you are travelling to somewhere where the Google Maps aren’t available offline.

If you’re anything like me you’re probably tired of taking your laptop around with you just so that you have a way to extract images from your camera. One option is to give up your nice SLR and just use your camera phone, but there is a better way.

Not all phones support it, but if you have USB On The Go on your handset you can plug a cheap adapter into the USB port and it will act as a host for a standard USB card reader. I tried this with an adapter I bought for a few dollars on Amazon and it worked without any problems at all.

The other thing you need is a piece of software to extract the images (I couldn’t find any way to navigate the files using a standard file manager app). I used Nexus Media Importer from Homesoft, and it worked very well. The app provides reasonably quick previews of the images (I suspect the USB interface is the limiting factor on speed, rather than the app itself). You can zoom in to check the details of the image, and press a button to copy the image to your phone’s memory. One problem I came across is that the images get copied to a folder that’s separate from the images taken by the phone camera, and isn’t immediately available to apps like Google Plus (though the images do immediately show up in the gallery). This isn’t a particular problem, since you can customise where it stores the images if you want).


The app isn’t free, so you might want to check out their related free viewer app, so you can verify that it works with your phone, cable and card reader before you spend money on the app.

One again I am back with another post. This time I am not writing on 10 Top Android Games, But on Top 10 Android Car Racing Games. Yet it will be Specific and limited to only Android Car Racing Games

All the Games I am going to provide here are available for free download. These are the best Android Car Racing Games according to my Honest Opinion. But you can always try your needs.

Let me start the list without wasting your valuable time. Here we go with the 10 top android games


Android Car Racing Games

1.  Drag Racing

Drag Racing is the most addictive Car Racing games on Google Play store. The best part of this game is its stunning graphics and the game play. Yes it’s not much more in levels and adventurous but its fun to play. It might be the best Android Car Racing Games

Price: Free

Size :  15 MB

Download Drag Racing From Google Play


2. GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+

Beautiful scenery, Attractive Cars, And muddy road all have in this game. This game has lots of Cars, which you can unlock using credits or you can directly buy those cards. I usually love to unlock cars because Its fun and don’t wants to spend money on games

Price : Free

Size : 1.1 MB

Download GT Racing Free+ from Google Play


3. Real Racing 3

Love to Play real looking games? Here this is for you, Real Racing 3 has 3D and real look. The game has very attractive graphics amazing physics. Overall very nice game to play. Some time its lags on my Galaxy note, but still I love to play. Hope you will love this Android Car Racing Games

Price : Free

Size: 6.1 MB

Download RealRacing 3 From Google Play


4. Hill Climb Racing

Ok, enough of 3D games or real looking games. Its time to move back and let’s play some old school looking games. High climbing Racing is a fun game, I bet you can’t handle it for so long. I don’t know why but every time I play this game I love the idea behind this game. Not so good in looking but a perfect time killer

Price : Free

Size : 9.2 MB

Download Hill Climb Racing From Google Play


5. Raging Thunder free

Remembered the first motion sensor game in Nokia 5233? Yup its the advance of that game but in android. Polarbit is the developer of this game. Awesome sound, awesome speed no lagging, perfect game for me.

Price : Free

Size : 3.4 Mb

Download Raging Thunder from Google Play


6. Road Warriors: Best Racing Game

Not just race with the opponents, take your gun start firing. This is all you get in this game with awesome and stunning graphics. Lots of amazing machine are available once you beat the opponents.

Price : Free

Size : Varies With Device

Download Road Warriors from Google Play


7.Beach Buggy Blitz

Running from beaches to sand, the four tire car game gives lots of fun. Amazing physics amazing graphics, soothing sounds. What else you want? GO and download give a try.

Price : Free

Size :  46 MB

Download Beach Buggy Blitz


8. Extreme Road Trip 2

Extreme Road trip is some different, Have you seen the car is flying? well yes its some thing like that. This game is very powerful and so amazing to play.

Price : Free

Size : 24 MB

Download it from Google Play


9. Speed Racing

Thinking of Racing moto? No its not. But the appearance is similar. Even the game physics is almost same. I don’t play this game because its better to play Racing moto

Price : Free

Size : 10 MB

Download Speed Racing from Google Play


10 . Speed Night Racing HD

Sexy legs, Isn’t it? Yes this game provide extreme game play, awesome and sexy night scenery while riding the most shining car. Overall good game.

Price : Free

Size : 17 MB

Download from Google Play




These were the the top Android Car Racing Games

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